Only 20mints from NRT, TAKO rural-tourism.

Tako Town is situated near Narita International Airport, making it the closest Japanese countryside to the world, where you can experience traditional Japanese way of life. We offer three tours tailored for customers traveling to Japan or using Narita International Airport as a transit point.

Features of Tako Town

  • That is a 20-minute shuttle bus ride from Narita International Airport.
  • That is a place where you can experience the Japanese countryside.
  • That is famous in Japan for its delicious rice and has a vast and beautiful rural landscape.

KIMONO and Japanese sweets WAGASHI experience

Time Table

10:00Wearing KIMONO experience
11:10Taking photos in NICHIHON-ji temple wearing a KIMONO
12:00Lunch and taking off KIMONO
13:30Making WAGASHI(Japanese sweets)

The locations visited during the tour.

Masugataya-ryokan [KIMONO wearing]

A cozy inn located in the countryside.
You can experience wearing a kimono and taking photos in a Japanese-style room.

NICHIHON-ji temple

NICHIHON-ji temple used to be a school for learned monks that lasted 300 years.
Another name is Hydrangea Temple, It is a famous place for hydrangeas.
There is beautiful scenery and popular for photography.

Shiraishi Japanese sweets shop

This is a popular Japanese sweets shop in Tako town.
These Japanese sweets are also sold at Tako Roadside Station.
You can make speciality WAGASHI that inspired by Tako town’s mascot character “Plump Tamako”, cute and delicious !

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